Our goal is to obtain the most accurate information that we know will fundamentally affect individuals' lives and to provide clinicians with the most reliable advice for their decisions.

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With our identity as a genetic diagnosis center, we not only support the diagnosis and treatment of diseases with the genetic results we provide in every field of medicine, but also focus on research and development and offering new solutions in genetic diagnosis. In this direction, we have realized three projects with Tübitak support so far.

Completed Projects

Beta Thalassemia (Mediterranean Anemia) diagnostic test in preimplantation genetic diagnosis

Developing a diagnostic kit to screen for genetic disorders that cause this disease, which is extremely common in our geography.

Fetal Rh factor determination by NIPT

Today, it is no longer necessary to resort to interventional methods to determine the chromosomal structure of the fetus in the womb. The development of a kit to detect the Rh factor that causes blood incompatibility while the babies are in the womb (at the 6th week of pregnancy). The aim here is to give clinicians the opportunity to solve all problems that may arise during pregnancies related to blood incompatibility by obtaining information at an early stage.

CML diagnosis and treatment monitoring – BCR/ABL fusion protein

Development of a genetic screening-oriented kit for the diagnosis and treatment follow-up of Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia (CML)