Our goal is to obtain the most accurate information that we know will fundamentally affect individuals' lives and to provide clinicians with the most reliable advice for their decisions.

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Years of Experience

We always aim to get you the fastest and most accurate results

Since 2009, Nesiller has been providing genetic diagnosis and genetic counseling services to patients, clinicians, health units and other laboratories.

With 15 years of experience, we stand by clinicians to support the right decision

Our goal is to obtain the most accurate information that we know will have a fundamental impact on people's lives, and to provide physicians with the most reliable advice to guide their decisions.

Over the past 15 years, it has become increasingly important to cancer, having healthy children and our results in undiagnosed diseases demonstrate the increasing quality and competencies of our center, which aims for diagnostic and service excellence with a strong journey towards scientific research and technological innovation.


Nesiller Genetic Diseases Evaluation Center, Prenatal Diagnosis as well as preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) was founded to be one of the pioneers. Over the years, our center has specialized in genetic investigations and research focusing on infertility.

Specializing in reproductive genetics tests (PGT-A, PGT-M, PGT-SR) in a short time became a "reference center".

Nesiller became the first private laboratory in Turkey to acquire the know-how for non-invasive prenatal screening of chromosomal aneuploidies through extracellular fetal DNA (cfDNA) analysis from maternal blood with the ILLUMINA® Next Generation Sequencing system. The test, called Üçgen®, was the first cfDNA-based non-invasive prenatal screening test performed in a private laboratory in Turkey.


Over the years, the advancement of genetics in the field of cancer has led Nesiller to focus on this area. With the COBAS® system added to the laboratory, studies in the field of cancer and healthy living panels have started. Nesiller is closely following the developments in the field of science by adding the "Liquid Biopsy" test to its portfolio, proving once again that it closely follows the developments in the field of science.

ISO 15189:2014 Medical Laboratory Accreditation in Quality Management was obtained.

Powered by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Under the FOCUS brand, a broad portfolio of oncology tests is available to clinicians to meet different patient needs. From single biomarkers to comprehensive genomic profiling, from RNA fusion analysis to 77-gene screening from tissue and blood, from hereditary gene analysis to cancer type-specific NGS panels, these panels, which analyze both mutations and biomarkers, help clinicians create the most appropriate and personalized treatment plan for the patient.

Most Successful in its Region

With the technology transfer from the US, diagnostics company Illumina's comprehensive cancer panel TSO 500 was successfully studied in Nesiller laboratories.

This work has made Nesiller one of the most successful implementers of this test in the EMEA region.


Again a First in Turkish laboratories with Nesiller

Combining the genomic profiling and technology-based experience of Nesiller, Roche Diagnostics and Foundation Medicine, CGP test (Comprehensive Genomic Profiling) in Turkey. Focusing on targeted therapies in cancer management, CGP is becoming more relevant for clinicians with each new study.

Nesiller sets itself apart from its competitors through the experience of its team, its broad testing portfolio, its innovative vision and the leadership of Dr. Gülay Özgön in genetic counseling.