Our goal is to obtain the most accurate information that we know will fundamentally affect individuals' lives and to provide clinicians with the most reliable advice for their decisions.

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Our goal is to provide superior medical genetic diagnostic testing and counseling to best meet the expectations of our patients, clinicians and clients who expect our services.

Our holistic approach to quality is to focus on continuous improvement through customer satisfaction, exemplary laboratory processes and exemplary clinical practices.

Our quality program is comprehensive, precise and results-oriented.

We are aware of the high responsibility we carry in the field we serve. Diagnosis and screening are of great importance in the medical applications of genetic science, which is necessary for the protection and restoration of individuals’ health and/or the development of healthy generations. Even the smallest possible mistake can lead to significant problems.

At this point, it is extremely important that accurate, precise, reliable and timely results are transferred to our clients in the right way at Nesiller, which has demonstrated its quality management system and technical competence with its international “TS EN ISO 15189:2014 Requirements for Quality and Competence in Medical Laboratories” accreditation.

Being ISO certified commits us to continuous improvement of our service as our quality is continuously measured. This commitment ranges from continuous control of procedures in the laboratory to developing our own analytical procedures and providing high quality counseling for patients. It also means a continuous commitment to staff training and development.

Our understanding of quality goes beyond borders and has been audited and certified by international companies. In this context, we have quality certificates from Germany-based INSTAND, UK-based EMQN (European Molecular Genetics Quality Network), US-based CAP (College of American Pathologists) and CEQAS (Cytogenomic External Quality Assessment Service), which evaluate the quality infrastructure and genetic tests of our laboratory. Our organization continues to be audited every year and renews its existing certificates.