Our goal is to obtain the most accurate information that we know will fundamentally affect individuals' lives and to provide clinicians with the most reliable advice for their decisions.

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Accurate and reliable results are no coincidence

Patient Focused

Understanding patients and their caregivers and helping them in the best way possible is a common goal for all of us: we are fast and accessible. Thanks to its extensive testing service and experienced staff, Nesiller makes it easy to determine the most appropriate test for each individual’s specific needs.

Scientific Expertise and Innovation

Our team has the knowledge, courage and curiosity to transform data into knowledge. Through our culture of innovation, we prioritize providing our clients with access to the latest advances in molecular genetics.


Our qualified results is an outcome of the know-how and attention of our specialized laboratory staff, as well as our investment in technology and our high quality approach to process management.

As an indication of our service quality, we hold ISO 15189:2014 Accreditation for Medical Laboratories, ISO 9001:2008 Quality and in addition INSTAND Certificate External Quality Assessment, EMQN and Online EQA Assessment external quality control certificates issued by CEQAS, a member of the UK NEQAS consortium.

Ethical Approach

We comply with the laws and regulations governing our business and internal procedures, not just because it is a legal obligation, but because it is the right thing to do.

Nesiller is sensitive to the privacy and security of personal data. Processing and storage of data in accordance with the LPPD is a priority. All patient data is archived redundantly in the secure Nesiller digital system.