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Tumors which come to existence by uncontrollable divison and reporduction of cells in human body’s organs or tissues due to different reasons are called cancer.

Genes in cells decide when a healthy cell will grow and divide. On the contrary, cancerous cells grow and escalate uncontrollably. Cancerous cells grow and create tumors. Tumors can be harmful to tissues that they are in. Cancerous cells can reach different parts of the body via circulatory system and by growing there destroy different parts of the body.

Cancer and Genetic Centers

Early diagnosis in cancer is essential. Individuals who have cancer can show different symptoms. Having one or more of these symptoms does not mean that you have cancer. It should certainly diagnosed.

Primary symptoms are abnormal weight loss, aches in different parts of body, fever, unusual bleeding, color changes in moles and verrucas and yellowing or darkening of the skin.

How can I get info about cancer treatment and early diagnosis?

Advanced gene examination methods are used in our labs. You may contact us via e-mail (info@nesiller.com) to be informed by our specialists about all types of tests and your wonders.