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We provide genetic diagnostic and scanning services in our laboratories by using cytogenetics, molecular genetics and molecular cytogenetics methods since 2009. Our laboratory is comform with “The Republic of Turkey Health Ministry Genetic Diagnosis Centers’ Regulations” and certified with ISO 15189 Medical Laboratories Accreditation.


Cytogenetics is a discipline that is dealing with the number and structure of chromosomes which are molecules carrying hereditary information, in other words physical carriers of our genes. In this analysis, chromosomes are obtained from divisible tissues of blood, skin, cells  and examine amniotic cells, bone marrow, chorionic villus, testicles.

Molecular Genetics

In this method, determining genotypes and/or mutations that cause a hereditary disease, a genetic disease carrier analysis, tendency to multifactorial diseases, single gene diseases (such as; thalassaemia, f amilial mediterranean fever) are examined.

Molecular Cytogenetics

This is a combination of cytogenetics and molecular genetics methods. By using FISH (Fluorescence in situ hybridization) we aim to study the number and organisation of chromosomes and existence or absence of DNA sequences.

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We achieved rapid progress in genetics after the completion of “Human Genome Project” in 2003. The tests performed in our laboratories aim to make you discover the information already known to your genes and by that way to help you  improve your life quality.

Here, we can help you with “GENOGRAFİ” which is a personalised genomic service. “GENOGRAFİ” is prepared by Genomize Bilişim ve Biyoteknoloji A.Ş., and developed as a medical genetics application and launched by Nesiller Genetik.

GENOGRAFİ, which helps you obtain detailed info about your genetic variations and allows you to re-design your life in a healthier way, consists of 4 steps;

  1. Ordering the GENOGRAFİ kit from participant hospitals and laboratories.
  2. Collecting of blood or saliva sample (You can find saliva collecting instruction in the user manuel in the kit)
  3. Analysing DNA data taken from your saliva or blood by using New Generation Sequencing technology and advance bioinformatics analysis.
  4. Examining the results during a consultancy session with a senior genetics physician. (MD)

2 different test options are offered to choose the proper one compatible with your expectations and priorities; GENOGRAFİ Early Warning Package ( for determining the tendency of having common cancer types such as breast, colon, pancreatic cancer  and medicinal sensitivity) and Genografi 360° Package (which contains Healthy Living, Early Warning and Genetic Heritage packages for examining factors related to genetic diseases more than 5.000 hereditary characteristics and medicinal sensitivity)

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For further information, please e- mail to info@genografi.com or visit www.genografi.com web site.

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