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Nesiller Genetik set the pace and the standard with tests that it performs in the field of genetics. Nesiller Genetik offers you one-stop solution with its special service organisation and integrated network of leading molecular laboratories.


Nesiller Genetik makes it easier for its clients to manage their reference test needs with comprehensive testing possibility and experienced staff.


Our commitment to scientific leadership provides our clients access to leading experience and latest developments in molecular genetics. The core of Nesiller Genetik is our Research & Development department that operates to develop and perform special tests.


By means of a continuing innovation tradition, Nesiller Genetik prioritise its clients’ needs with research, development, information technology and business support.


Our quality criteria is a multi-staged scheme with the targets of continuous improvement and error-free process management. Nesiller Genetik provides long-term reliability and  required substructure in main reference laboratory as a genetic diagnosis center.

To confirm our service quality we hold ISO 15189:2014 Medical laboratories Accreditation, ISO 9001:2008 Quality and in addition INSTAND Certificate External Quality Assessment, EMQN and CEQAS (a member of UK NEQAS) Online EQA Assessment external quality control certification.

We have been on this path for 10 years.

The results we had in the past 10 years indicate improving quality and competence of our center which targets excellence in diagnosis and services on a journey dedicated to scientific research and technological innovation. During this journey, our laboratory has grown accumulating precious assets and keeps growing with significant results and awards.

Nesiller Genetik Diagnosis Center is established in 2009 by Gülay Özgön, MD who is also the Technical and Administrative Director. Our center has become one of the most modern and technologically developed genetic diagnosis centers.

In 2009, Nesiller Genetik was established with the aim of  becoming one of the leaders of a procedure that includes Prenatal Diagnosis and  Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). Over the years, our center specialised in researches focusing on infertility and genetic examinations.

In 2015, Nesiller Genetik became the first private laboratory to develop “know-how” in Turkey about non-invasive prenatal screening of chromosome aneuploidies by extracellular fetal DNA (cfDNA) analysis using maternal blood. The test which is called Üçgen® was the first “cfDNA based non-invasive prenatal screening test” brand that completely developed in a private laboratory in Turkey.

Nesiller Genetik has always been one step ahead of it’s clients’ needs  and in 2017, COBAS system and cancer and health living panels were incorporated into our organization.

By adding the new generation cancer diagnosis test called “Liquid Biopsy” inn 2017, Nesiller Genetik proved once again that it is a close follower of scientific developments.

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