The last 10 years’ developments in genetics studies herald new diagnosis, pre-diagnosis and treatments for the wellbeing of patients.

As an example, up until recently, insulin which is used for diabetic patients was obtained from pigs and human-based hormones only from cadavers. Now, thanks to genetics, insulin and many other medicines are sourced from modified bacterias (transgenic bacterias). As another example, doctors no longer have to treat all cancer patients the same way. Because, in the light of technical developments in genetics, various cancer types can be identified based on gene mutations and according to the test results and can now be treated with specific procedures and this helps increase survival rates.

In the near future, ‘medicine’ will not only treat diseases but also ensure humans to be healthier. It is very exciting that studies in genetics may lead to support future generations with synthetic chromosomes.

Recent technical developments in genetics are likely to establish new treatments for various medical conditions. With the information provided by Human Genome Project, researchers think that new treatment procedures will be developed for many conditions such as diabetes, cardiac diseases, cancer, AIDS and Parkinson.

The secret of a healthier life is hidden in genetic testing.

Based on the genes which may be called the map of our body, genetic testing could help you to find out if you carry a specific disease, if you have a tendency for any risks, what expects your foetus or newborn or what kind of treatment you should receive for an existing condition. Genetic testing shows you the health setting not only for you but also for your generation in the future.

We, as Nesiller Genetik, undertake a mission to make a significant contribution to raising healthy generations for the present and future human beings and with this in mind, we provide routine and personalized genetic diagnosis, genetic consultancy and continue education services for patients, doctors, hospitals, clinics and other laboratories since 2009 with our ISO 15189:2014 accredited center which fully complies with Ministry of Health Genetic Diagnosis Centers Regulations.  

To prevent diseases before they come to existence is not an imagination today thanks to genetics. The days that all conditions could be prevented and/or treated is on our doorstep.

We shouldn’t forget that genetic testing can change lots of things.

  • To provide fast and reliable genetic tests and examinations to patients, health service providers and researchers.
  • Guidance to patients about genetic testing, diagnosis and interpretation of complex test results.
  • Supplying current genetic information and abilities to medical services in co-operation with MDs from different diciplines of medicine.
  • Contribution to bring up healthy generations of humanbeings today and in the future.

Our goal is to establish a global and reliable genetics platform by appyling innovations that genetics require, to follow science literature closely and contribute to them, contacting patients and professionals in health sector.

  • Experience in genetics for more than 10 years
  • ISO 15189:2014 Medical Laboratories Accreditation
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate
  • INSTAND Certificate External Quality Assessment, EMQN and CEQAS Online EQA Assessment External Quality Controls
  • High-tech infrastructure
  • Expert staff
  • Fast responding
  • Sample reception: 6 days a week
  • Trainings about genetics
  • Healthy living/Wellness Consultancy



Nesiller Genetik is managed by a certified specialist genetic adviser Gülay Özgön, MD. Our genetic consultant works in accordance with our molecular diagnostic program in  order to inform patients and doctors about the specific parts of complex process of genetic conditions. In co-operation with other laboratories, we provide a one-hour advisory session with our genetic consultants and discuss the details and ups and downs of the  process.

Moreover, thanks to the joint project held with Genomic Tumor Council, Nesiller Genetik supports  patients and their families at diagnosis and treatment processes of risk of having cancer or received cancer diagnosis.

You may attend our courses which are periodically  organised with School of Genetics Platform.

We also give a one-to-one genetic analysis service called Genografi which provides detailed information about your DNA and how it can affect your life.

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