Human Resources


Nesiller Genetik undertakes the mission to contribute to bringing up healthy generations for human being’s today and future.

Join us in this “human” focused journey and work with us for healthy future generations.

Our purpose is to create long lasting values. Nesiller Genetik employ talented staff who adopt human focused work principle and maintain the desire to protect and develop this talented staff.

We see hiring process not only an employment but also winning a talent and expertise. In addition to knowledge and skills; we value the importance of human relations and integrating the new additions into our organization.

We listen to ideas, opinions and suggestions of our employees who are the strength that we need, to maintain our operations efficient and productive.

In Nesiller Genetik, we  regularly review working conditions of our employees to help them perform better and keep them motivated.

We always look for meeting new talents (from molecular biologists to laborants, from administrative staff to sales team) to add skills to our workforce.

You may be the right person we are looking for,  if you;

  • Have specific interest to science,
  • Mind for working to create healthy generations,
  • Have high empathy ability,
  • Are solution-oriented
  • Care about human relationships.

You can send your  (CV) to


In Nesiller Genetik where we consider the employment procedure as a way of aquiring a talent, we aim to discover the professionals of the future.

While helping university students to prepare for business life; we also look for possibilities of adding our interns to our staff.

You can send your  (CV) for internship opportunities to

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