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In clinical pharmacology department, help is provided to physicians about remedy options in cases of treatment-resistance for special groups of patients such as; multi drug using patients, intensive care patients, geriatric and pediatric patients. Remedy options are set by considering patient’s genotype, other medications that are taken, nutrition and chronical diseases.

Aims of the remedy are; minimizing drug interactions, avoiding redundant drug interactions, tracking necessary examinations for existing adverse interactions, reducing the period of staying in hospital, investigating the reason of resistance to remedy and reducing the resistance, reducing side effects of remedy and applying the remedy that does not cause side effects.

Every patient’s prescription are examined considering drug interactions, potential side effects of drugs and if necessary, patient is consultated.

Concurrently, our department replies questions of patients’ about drug utilization during pregnancy (chronical drug or utilization without awareness of pregnancy)  and  reports possible teratogenicity of drug that is used.

Our department uses following steps to reach its aim;

  • Pharmacogenetic : Pharmacogenetic is defined as the interaction of drug with individual’s genotype. Pharmacogenetic tests gives genetic information about patient’s age, weight, co-existing diseases, general health condition and environment. Results are helpful for physicians to choose the best medication at appropriate dosage.
  • Patient and Patient’s Relatives’ Education
  • Reporting of Drug Interactions
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