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Number of carcinogens are increasing with the changes in world. It is observed that cancer diagnosis are rising in numbers day by day in Turkey, too. With the developments in technology, cancer become a disease that can be prevented and treated when early diagnosis in genetic centers. Cancer is no more a disease that beats individuals thanks to successful studies made by genetic centers in our country.

Early Diagnosis

Cancer treatment is a process. In this process, early diagnosis made by genetic centers improves life quality of individuals under risk or increases the success of treatment for individuals have cancer at early stages. Cancer can be prevented or treated by the right and planned steps in every single stage during the whole period from diagnosis to the solution. Individuals with family histories should apply to expert research/diagnosis centers and act in accordance with the info that is provided there.

How can I get info about cancer treatment and early diagnosis?

Advanced gene examination methods are used in our labs. You may contact us via e-mail (info@nesiller.com) to be informed by our specialists about all types of tests and your wonders.